Friday, March 14, 2008

Down with the Prince

This was my first time at the prince. The guild has been clearing Kara for a few weeks now without breaking a sweat. But, due to work pressure, I was hardly able to play much. So, finally, after a hiatus of more than a couple of months, I was finally in T2 (team 2) for kara.

What did he drop ?

Well, I could go on about how effective I was in bringing down the prince - but then that would not be right. I died right at the start of the fight :(

So, there I was - lying dead on the ground , while others were hammering it out with the prince..

The Helm of the Fallen Hero dropped for hunters, but Nonick got it. I fully endorse that - he has been karaing for a lot more than me, and waiting for the token to fall. Gratz dude on your Demon Stalker Greathelm !

Guild shot ! i wish i could freely move the camera...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't nerf the Warlocks !

Man, some of the most innovative people are there on the horde side :D

Check out this thread on prayers for keeping the warlock nerfs at bay !

Also check out the warlock jokes..

man, need to get RedCat out from the inn and level her !

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Episode 2

Blizzard has this podcast which they have started. Lets see how frequently they update it. From Episode 2 of it :
I like the up and down of it but, you can run into trouble sometimes where, if you're walking in from one game to another game, back-to-back creative meetings
and come out of a StarCraft meeting with certain themes that were big in our minds and I walk in and ‘Guys, I had this idea for Warcraft blahblahblahblahblah,'
and they're like ‘Woah, dude, that sounds just like…there's no laser guns in Warcraft!' ‘Oh, that's right!'
rotfl !

Read more on the blizzcast site.