Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hellfire Citadel

Instancing in Hellfire Citadel. The group went in with me to get me a nice sword. Unfortunately, it did not drop at all - even though we went in 2 times.

The last Boss is this dragon and the dragon rider. The dragon just blasts us with fire and well, makes toast of us !

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The Burning Crusade expansion is here !

And its made WoW better than ever.

I was going to level to 60 and then get the BC expansion. One problem was that it was available only in the US, and getting it here in India was a big problem.

Then the BC became a download from Blizzard's website. Still I did not want to download it - but then I read that to go through the dark portal you needed to be only level 58 ! I had just reached that level, and so I went and downloaded the expansion.

The Dark Portal

Through the Darkportal I went. Guildies were already there levelling up, linking the goodies there through the guild chat. Now I was there.

Outland is Outlandish.

Its undescribeable. A world which is surreal. Let the screenshots do the talking :

A Floating Tower on a Floating Land?


At level 40, you get a mount. That is, you are eligible to ride a mout. However, whether you can get it at that level depends on your skills in saving your money. The riding training is around 20gold, and the mount is around 80gold. So, you need to save around 100g. However, with a discount of 10% once you become honourable with your faction, you still need 90g for it. That my dear friend is a problem, cause I never seemed to have more than 10g at one time !

Ultimately, I was able to get the mount at lvl 46 or there about. Till that time, used the 'aspect of the cheetah' to move from one place to another!

The next level of mount - a much swifter one, one gets at lvl 60.

I am already lvl 60, but I just dont have that much gold - around 700g !

More info on the differnt mounts for differnet races can be found on the wow site.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Brahmos successfully test fired!

Brahmos is the name of a cruise missile in the Indian army. Today it was successfully test fired.
Wikipedia entry on BrahMos explains the roots of its name.

lvl 60

Reached level 60 !

Any other time it would have been an achievement, but now with the BC expansion, it means i still have 10 more levels to go!

From lvl 58, I crept into Hellfire Peninsula. Then it was a breeze levelling up - taking just a couple of days for the 2 levels.