Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Epics for hunters

My Needy List

From Heroics
From Reputation Grinds (need to be exalted)

From Raids (once heroics are done and I have time for raids)

10 man Naxxramas

List from the amazing Kalibaan's Loot List

Monday, December 22, 2008

Brahmos 80 !

Whew ! finally at 80 !

in the meantime I have...

Tried to be an Orc

Worn Murloc

Ridden a Dragon

Been in the presense of the Lich King

Fought with my darker self

Become a prowler

Jetpacked as a Golem

Infiltrated a Cult

Been in an epic battle where the Horde fought with the Alliance

Ridden a drake

Been Dwarfed

Showed the way to a bear god

Skateboared a croc !

Phew !

Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Epic Thread !

oh boy ! some people have a great sense of humor ! 

Blizzard started putting ads on the forum of World of Warcraft, and the result is this epic thread. 

Absolutely a work of genius !

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays !

still 3 more levels to go before Brahmos hits 80 ! 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

fufufufu flying machine !

Finally Brahmos has got his Turbocharged Flying Machine.

The mats had all been created much before. Now, with the expansion available, engineering was easily levelled to 375, and a quick hop to shadowmoon valley, and presto. Riding his own TFM.

Can you see the hulla doll on the dashboard ?

TurboCharged Flying Machine

A Duel

Just a normal day for running errands and getting some gold. Or so thought NeverHere as he went into Auchindon. Having given the bones he had gathered to Ramdor, he started back when he was suddenly surrounded by a few of the horde. A BloodElf priest, a Blood Elf paladin, and a Taurean warrior. Supposedly here to enter the dungeon, but while they waited for their other members to come, they thought that a Dranei Shaman was easy picking.

The priest was unusually arrogant even for her name, and challenged the shaman.

The shaman looked her over, he did not want to duel. He just wanted to go on with his quests. But there was a snigger in her which stopped him. So, he accepted ... and lost the duel. This got him mad. He had not used his totems properly.

So he challenged the Blood Elf.

The bloodelf laughed and took the bait.

This time the totems were doing their masters bidding. The tremor totem broke the fear scream used by the Blood Elf. That was it. The shaman had the upper hand, and before the elf knew it, she was down and had lost the duel.

Neverhere laughed.

The blood elf wanted another duel to avenge the fall of grace in front of her friends. The friends started to buff her up.

Never had enough. Those turncoats would use everything to win - there was no honor in that. He left, back to his questing and getting the experience needed which would allow him passage to northrend.

Damn. That achievement felt good !

Friday, November 21, 2008

2 DeathKnights on a Realm

I first transferred a DK from Aman'thul to Saurfang. Currently Aman'thul is one of the realms where you can get free transfers. Then I created another DK character on Aman'Thul, but the server is usually full. So, twiddling my thumbs i thought... "what would happen if I transferred this character too?"

And the result is above. Both the DKs had the same name, so the move has changed the name into something stupid.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Into Northrend !

Phew ! Finally got the client upgraded to WoTLK ! :D :D :D . Once the download finished in the wee hours of the morning, it again applies the latest patches (3.0.x) .. and off you are. 

The starting points are 2. The Borean Tundras , and the Howling Fjord. Brahmos was impatient to be away, so he took the portal from Shattrath to Stormwind, and Onwards ho! to the newly commissioned Stormwind docks. 

At the Stormwind docks .. waiting with fellow adventurers.

Outside Valliance Keep. Notice the attakers from the sky beyond. 

Attackers in the Mist. One of the many environmental effects added with WoTLK

A huge Mamoth. The scope of everything is huge - be it the locales ( already 4 fps in BT), or the lifeforms

You get to ride a Mamoth ... 

... a death knight's charger ... 
... dragons ... 
... And help the dragons rescue hostages high above the ground ...

Soon after touching 71, Brahmos wanted to rest, and as they say the empty mind is a devil's workshop ... which gave birth to a lvl 55 Death Knight, under the tutelage of the Lich King. 

The Lich King instructs the new apprentice.

I am still not sure which race would be good for the DK. I am on a PvE server, so I can roll either a horde or an alliance DK.  Here, AtomicKnight is a BE DK.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

91% Done

I don't think I will get time tonight to step in WoTLK :(

Installing WOTLK

Yipee ! I got the CD Key for WoTLK. The gaming industry usually neglects Indian market - probably because there is thriving piracy and also most indians do not play a wide variety of games. I know people who have not played anything other than Age of Empires or Quake. Sad.

So, obvoiusly, I did not have much hope for getting the WoTLK expansion until Blizzard allowed digital upgrades. But then I thought about a cousin of mine who plays on Andorhal, and pinged him. He willingly got the CD for me too, and sent across the key. Its great to have elder brothers :)

Added the key and then tried to upgrade the client from http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/lichking/download . This downloads a 1.1MB installer and you can download it from there.

Initial tries last night resulted in errors. Frustrated I gave up. One of the drawbacks about upgrading the key is that you can no longer play WoW in BC until your client has been upgraded. That left me in the lurch.

Error : Failed to read information from the Internet. Please close all applications and try again.

Then today morning I tried again - and viola ! It started to download.

WoTLK Installer. Notice the arrows on the installer. From that you can read the story of the lich king, about how Arathas became the Lich king.

Now, keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for the install to finish...

Friday, November 14, 2008

full queues

The place i live in (Pune) is pathetic when it comes to infrastucture. Currently we have 10 hours powercuts everyday - starting around 9am - to 7pm. So, whatever little time i get, I want to play - but when i log in, i see the above queues !

IF Blizzard is so proud of their technical prowess, why don't they create a universe which has everyone logging onto the same realm? EvE online does it, why can't World of Warcraft ?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Realms Down - 2 days in a row

WoW ! This is getting bad. The servers seem to be continuously down from last evening... 

official reason - perparing for the midnight launch --- but i tell ya -- 2 days of money lost ! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where's Your Main On?

Hello Fellow Indians ! 

I am just doing a quick headcount for how many people are there playing World of Warcraft who are in India. The unfortunate thing about the google group (wow-india) we are on is that there are no freakin Polls ! Pshaw ! 

So, I m using this blog to throw across ze question. If you are playing in India, Please take a moment to stop and add to the count. 

Another Poll just below it is about wheter you prefer PvP or PvE ... 

Do leave a comment here if you want to add something particular. 

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Locked Realms

I usually play on Aman'thul. There are a few more Indians on Frostmourne... but there is a BIG problemo my friend.

On weekends, trying to play on AU realms leads to this..
The realms are so populated, that the servers get locked out. You will be 347th or something in the queue to get in...

Blizzard ! Increase the number of servers for people in Asia !

Friday, November 07, 2008

Exalted !

The damn Ogres don't drop enough beads ! :(

And in the process of levelling up my Consortium rep ... I hit exalted with Karunei ! Which meant I was going to get the long legged mounts ! After the tigers of the Night Elves, this was the mount I liked really a lot in terms of looks.

So, a hop to the vendor gave me the Reins of the Silver War Talbuk ! I suddenly felt a lot taller.

A short time later ( like after collecting another 100 beads ), I hit revered with the Consortium, and was finally able to get the plans for an ingredient of the Flying Machine. A 100gs poorer ( after getting money for the mats), and I was flying over shattarth in my spanking new flying machine ! :)

2 mounts in an evening - nice !

Does WoW 3.0 patch have Northrend or not ?

Over at the wow india googlegroup, we are stressed out trying to figure out whether the 3.0.x patches have northrend or not. 

My take - it does. 

Here's my reasoning. 

- new port at Stormwind and other places. Hordies going gaga about new zepplins also... humf .. i believe i can fly .. 
- new profession - inscriptions - which was supposed to be a WoTLK profession.
- A new 'Northrend' map with each zone there. 
- a 1.2 GB 3.0 download, followed by a 300MB 3.0.1 'sorry about the messup' patch and another 3.0.2 patch. A 1.2 GB download has the northrend continent in it I quite believe

The naysayers say that no dude, the CD box of WoTLK will have the content . I say 'pffft'. The only benifit people with the box will get is the key to unlock their account to play Northrend about a few weeks before other people who will do a digital download. It happened with BC and now it will happen with WoTLK. 

What do you say ? 

Stressed For Time

The blog name has changed. . . 

World of Brahmos was a good name. 

But it had drawbacks. 

It was about Brahmos. It was about World of Warcraft. 

Anything else - and it just did not fit in. If i wanted to talk about other characters - it did not fit in. If I wanted to talk about other games - it did not fit in. 

So, here I am - stressed out with figuring out how to manage multiple blogs. 

Here I am - stressed out about how to play all the games that I keep playing. 

Here I am - stressed out with office work, and figuring out a place where I can just put my boots up and post nonsense. 

Stressed For Time is the blog for it. 

Stay tuned for more (hopefully) updates ! 

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Karazan Hunter Loot

The list below is to help hunters in choosing which loot to roll for in Karazan. This takes inputs from various sources especially wow-loot and wowwiki, and acts as personal list of things that I have ( )and want to get.  

Attumen the huntsman

- nothing ! zilch ! 

Maiden of Virtue

The curator

Terestian Illhoof

Shade of Aran


Prince Malchezaar


Opera : Wizard of Oz

Opera : The big bad wolf

Opera : Romule and Julianne
- Romulo's Poison Vial ( good to have)

Opera : Other loot shared between the events

Dust Covered Chest

Trash Mobs

Kara night

Hah ! The Prince is down again ! 

No screenshots though - forgot to take. 

It started of innocently enough. Neverhere was looking for some thorium mines - when the guild chat came alive with a plan for a kara run. They needed 2 dps - huh ? When has it been that dps was an issue in our group mulled Neverhere - hacking away on a Mithril deposit. This was after a long gap that I was visitng the lands of Aman'Thul - work and life taking up much more of my time. 

"If ya guys need me, i can come over as a hunter dps" said NeverHere over the guild chat. 

"Sure. relog" was the response. 

So relogged. Roused up Brahmos who was idling away the time in Stormwind. 

Brahmos quickly realized that things were not right. He was with the wrong pet - a wolf - his PvP buddy, but he really needed the cat who was more into raid bosses. Made his way to a stable master and got that fixed. 

Suddenly he realized - oh damn ! most of the arrows had been used up on PvP. Hearthed to shattarth - but there was no time to get the special arrows from his special supplier in Nagrand. His engineering also was not that high that he could make the high level arrows. No other option but to get the usual lvl65 arrows ... damn. 

Just in time, got a summon to the gates of Karazan. The group had cleared upto the Curator. 

Curator down 1st try. Hey baby, this is becoming easy mused Brahmos. 

Onto Shade of Aran. The trash was easy - but with some heart in mouth moments - sometimes we got more trash than we bargained for. The end result - we clared out the trash pretty fast ! 

Shade of Aran is someone i can't stand. The constant moving around, fleeing the blizzard and arcane explosion , freezing in fire - bah ! The healer died. We hung on for dear life - and got morphed - except for me. Now i dont know how that happened - so i just shot at aran and forced him to stop his drinking while everyone was sheeped. He took out his ire on me - but most of the others survived and we kicked his ass real good ! Shade of Aran down ! 

Illhoof ! Everyone wanted him - but our first try was so bad, we decided to take him on some other time. 

Off to chess - and cleared it out. I got Mithril Chain of Heroism. No one else was rolling for it - and instead of getting it all shareded up - Brahmos rolled - it was an improvement over his usual necklace. 

Next on the Prince. 

This time it took us 3 times. 

1st time, priest went afk. Poor fellow fell asleep on his keyboard ! Without enough heals to help - we died around 14% of the Prince still left. 

2nd time, wrong placement of infernal. Sigh. This is an encounter based on luck!

3rd time - lucky. We whammed him bad ! 

The token for the hunter head dropped. This was the 2nd time I was at the prince, and the token dropped. The other hunter (from PUG) rolled higher than me - sigh. He got it. I don't instance that much, and I will willingly gave the last token to a guildy who instanced more - but this seemed a bit bad. Hope the other chap instances more. 

Anyways, need to change my headgear through PvPing now I guess.

All in all, it was a fun night. :D

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

PIt Commander in Shattrath

Some guys got bored and lured the pit commander into Shattrath ! I wonder how they did it though. pretty neat !

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The spirit of competition

Blizzard is paying homage to the Olympics, in their own in-game way. Simply put, if you can keep winning in the BGs consistently, you get a new pet.

Now, the issue with BGs is that the lvls are n0-n9 (n = 1to6), and 70. So, if you are a low level, lets say 24 like my druid, then going into the BG is not really helpful. You lower the standards of the other players. So, since my lock was near to 38, i just leveller her a couple of bars and started the BGs.

Won the first - which was the weekend BG - Warsong Gulch. Got the 3 flags. The reward - the competitors tabard.

Lost the next few (who says horde does not loose?).

Then today, zerged the arathi basin BG (5-0) ! Got the medallion which would help summon the spirit right after that.

All hail the Olympics !

Reroll Horde

Ok. Finally I am a horde. I rerolled as one cause
- Just not getting time to play my hunter as the rest of the guild is into raiding, and I just don't have time for it (yeah, work sucks). Raid timings are quite ok actually : 6:30pm IST, but my office never ever lets me go before 7.
- It gets boring levelling another alliance character (though I got my shaman to 60).
- after much dilly dalying finally reached agreement that many indians will play on Deathwing.

So, here I am, as a druid contemplating the adventures across the barrens.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Shivaji Rides !

I have a Paladin whom I named Shivaji. Shivaji was one of the great Maratha warriors , and it seemed right that the nobleness of the Paladin would fit in well with the name. Well, I was not playing the pally much - more of a bank for my other characters. But with the reduction in levels required for getting a mount, i thought of levelling up the few levels and get the mount. As with Warlocks, the Paladin's mount are summonable creatures - no 35g for learning it !

And here we have, Shivaji rides through the lands of Azeroth !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New mounts at lvl 30 now !

well, Red's got a new mount ! with the 2.4.3 patch, the mounts are available as soon as you level to 30. The cost - 35g. However, the warlock mount is ... hold your breath... 90s ! Yup. You got that right ! Only 90s ! You get it from the warlock trainer !

Muwahahaha !

Monday, July 14, 2008

The warlock

Well, Brahmos is lying down a bit. He's lvl 70, got an epic flyer, but not enough time to raid. So, i have been trying other alts . My shaman is lvl 60. This screenshot is of my warlock - this time on the horde side. Just want to lever her to 40 so as to get the warlock mount - which is one of the unique ones in the game as its only available to warlocks.