Thursday, August 02, 2007


Its been a long time since i posted here.

The world of Outland. What do i say about it. Its massive . A continent hung in the skies. A place of chaos and otherwordly energies.

Since the last time I posted, I have undergone a lot of adventures. I have reached level 70. I know most of outland as the back of my hand. Getting to know a lot of factions, and trying to gain repute with them. I have also been able to procure a winged mount, which enables me to fly all over outland at my pace in my way. However, i still use the services of the Wing Masters to fly me over to far out places as my mount is not that fast. Those mounts cost around 5000g , sigh!

In my travels, as I meet other adventurers, I found that there are other mounts available ! Imagine my surprise one day when I saw a netherdrake being flown into the city of Shattrath. It was an awesome sight. Someday, I will also unlock the secrets of getting this magnificent mount ! Another mount i have set my eyes on is the riding mount the kurenai sell.

But thats for later. Lately news seem to have come that Illidian resides in the black temple ! The call to the heros is out. We need more and more people to help up against the tides of darkness ! Through a lengty attunement a few of us are now battling for life in Karazhan!

Yesterday was my first raid to this lair of the monsters. And this was fun ! Whereas other instances are 'take your own time' kinds, here the fear of respawns within 30 mins keeps us going. Going to get the boss, before his helpers arrive. After a fierce battle with Midnight and Attumen, we prevailed ! It was not a simple fight. We got wiped twice. The third time, with 3 of us down, we were still able to down the damn monster.

And ah ! The sweet tast of victory was even sweeter for me ! The SteelHawk Crossbow dropped. I had long chatted with other adventurers on the bow, and hoped one day it would be mine. That day was yesterday !

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