Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Say hello to Red Cat ! I basically started this character on Deathwing on Horde as there are some Indian's playing there. But they are all level 70. My first character was actually a druid, but then, trying to get my wife hooked, I thought let me try and create a female character for her, and hopefully she will start playing it. Alas, that was not to be.

However, the warlock piqued my interest. Like the hunters, they also have pets who fight for them (other classes get pets as a non-fighting companion). Unlike the hunters, these pets have to be summoned. The above pic shows the lock with a voidwalker - which make pretty good tanks for soloing.

Another cool thing about WarLocks is that they get a free mount at level 40 ! well, RC is now level 27, so in 13 levels I should get a horse. Its a cool looking thing with fire coming our of the hooves and nosrtils ! I hope to upload the pic soon!

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