Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's it about Diablo

One of the things that I like about the games from Blizzard is that the games are fun !

Diablo was such a game. Instense hack and slash. Go and mow down the monsters. Deeper and deeper into the labrynth. Each time you play, a new maze to discover. At that time (1995 or thereabouts), it was one of the best graphical games.

Then came Diablo II - expanded world, but a shit system of save points. How I hate them.

Now, Diablo III has been announced - avaiable "when its ready" by the blizzard team.

Nostalgia. Took out my diablo cd (diablo II is a game my sister plays .. so the cd is with her), and started playing it (anyways, my WoW playtime is at an all time low). It is still so very refreshing to play it ! Save games means i can come out anytime I want to !

hack ! hack ! hack ! slash ! muwahahaa !

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