Saturday, August 09, 2008

The spirit of competition

Blizzard is paying homage to the Olympics, in their own in-game way. Simply put, if you can keep winning in the BGs consistently, you get a new pet.

Now, the issue with BGs is that the lvls are n0-n9 (n = 1to6), and 70. So, if you are a low level, lets say 24 like my druid, then going into the BG is not really helpful. You lower the standards of the other players. So, since my lock was near to 38, i just leveller her a couple of bars and started the BGs.

Won the first - which was the weekend BG - Warsong Gulch. Got the 3 flags. The reward - the competitors tabard.

Lost the next few (who says horde does not loose?).

Then today, zerged the arathi basin BG (5-0) ! Got the medallion which would help summon the spirit right after that.

All hail the Olympics !

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  1. Good stuff. I've been lvling my char forever, but with wife, kid and job you can imagine.... You're on US server right. Me on EU. Lvl 55 Warrior.