Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kara night

Hah ! The Prince is down again ! 

No screenshots though - forgot to take. 

It started of innocently enough. Neverhere was looking for some thorium mines - when the guild chat came alive with a plan for a kara run. They needed 2 dps - huh ? When has it been that dps was an issue in our group mulled Neverhere - hacking away on a Mithril deposit. This was after a long gap that I was visitng the lands of Aman'Thul - work and life taking up much more of my time. 

"If ya guys need me, i can come over as a hunter dps" said NeverHere over the guild chat. 

"Sure. relog" was the response. 

So relogged. Roused up Brahmos who was idling away the time in Stormwind. 

Brahmos quickly realized that things were not right. He was with the wrong pet - a wolf - his PvP buddy, but he really needed the cat who was more into raid bosses. Made his way to a stable master and got that fixed. 

Suddenly he realized - oh damn ! most of the arrows had been used up on PvP. Hearthed to shattarth - but there was no time to get the special arrows from his special supplier in Nagrand. His engineering also was not that high that he could make the high level arrows. No other option but to get the usual lvl65 arrows ... damn. 

Just in time, got a summon to the gates of Karazan. The group had cleared upto the Curator. 

Curator down 1st try. Hey baby, this is becoming easy mused Brahmos. 

Onto Shade of Aran. The trash was easy - but with some heart in mouth moments - sometimes we got more trash than we bargained for. The end result - we clared out the trash pretty fast ! 

Shade of Aran is someone i can't stand. The constant moving around, fleeing the blizzard and arcane explosion , freezing in fire - bah ! The healer died. We hung on for dear life - and got morphed - except for me. Now i dont know how that happened - so i just shot at aran and forced him to stop his drinking while everyone was sheeped. He took out his ire on me - but most of the others survived and we kicked his ass real good ! Shade of Aran down ! 

Illhoof ! Everyone wanted him - but our first try was so bad, we decided to take him on some other time. 

Off to chess - and cleared it out. I got Mithril Chain of Heroism. No one else was rolling for it - and instead of getting it all shareded up - Brahmos rolled - it was an improvement over his usual necklace. 

Next on the Prince. 

This time it took us 3 times. 

1st time, priest went afk. Poor fellow fell asleep on his keyboard ! Without enough heals to help - we died around 14% of the Prince still left. 

2nd time, wrong placement of infernal. Sigh. This is an encounter based on luck!

3rd time - lucky. We whammed him bad ! 

The token for the hunter head dropped. This was the 2nd time I was at the prince, and the token dropped. The other hunter (from PUG) rolled higher than me - sigh. He got it. I don't instance that much, and I will willingly gave the last token to a guildy who instanced more - but this seemed a bit bad. Hope the other chap instances more. 

Anyways, need to change my headgear through PvPing now I guess.

All in all, it was a fun night. :D

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