Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The Burning Crusade expansion is here !

And its made WoW better than ever.

I was going to level to 60 and then get the BC expansion. One problem was that it was available only in the US, and getting it here in India was a big problem.

Then the BC became a download from Blizzard's website. Still I did not want to download it - but then I read that to go through the dark portal you needed to be only level 58 ! I had just reached that level, and so I went and downloaded the expansion.

The Dark Portal

Through the Darkportal I went. Guildies were already there levelling up, linking the goodies there through the guild chat. Now I was there.

Outland is Outlandish.

Its undescribeable. A world which is surreal. Let the screenshots do the talking :

A Floating Tower on a Floating Land?

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