Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The City Life

The first city I discovered was Darnassus - the place where night elves discuss matters beyond what I as a low level elf can even even start to comprehend. I was amazed at the scale of the city.

A scene out of LOTR ?

Wandered around for ages drinking in the sigts. Visited a few shops, drooled over the wares for display at the various shops ( too expensive for me :( , with just a few coppers in my pocket). Then I got to know that this was not the only city around ! Stormwind and Ironforge beckoned.

Also got to know that Ironforge is where one can learn guns ! Guns !! Man, a hunter with a Gun would just rock . I just had to go there.

Took the boat to menthil harbor. Hiked to Ironforge through some dangerous terrain. Carved out of the mountains, a grand sight to see ( I dont know why dwarves make things of such a grand scale!)

Paying my respects to the Huge Dwarf at Ironforge

From Ironforge a tram runs to Stormwind. Oh boy ! The world is more than just night elves!

Stormwind ! What a sight !

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