Thursday, September 07, 2006

What is the World of Warcraft ?

I am currently playing a game known as WoW ( for World of Warcraft). What sets this game apart from all the other games I own and play ( and that is quite a few) is that I have been playing this game for more than a month now ( i usually change games at least 2 times a month) , and it is online ( all hail broadband connections!)

WoW as it is more popularly known as , is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ( MMORPG). What this means is that you have thousands (nay millions) of players logging into servers, playing against or with each other.

Did not get it ? Ok. Lets assume you know about social sites like Orkut - where you can add people, make groups and have people joining in, leave scraps etc. Now think of all this in 3D. Think of all your friends not as static pictures but as real 3D figures - walking, fighting, drinking, cheering... That my friend is a MMORPG.

Though I have other blogs, and I was thinking of starting out writing on those, I thought it may make better sense to blog exclusively as a different blog. And hence this.

The first choice for you is to choose what you look like and what kind of abilities you have. Though there are 2 sides who keep fighting each other - both are cool. If you remember Warcraft , there were 2 basic races. The humans and the Orcs and they were at war with each other - and you could play both the sides. Similarly, you have the Alliance and the Horde.

Alliance are the goody goody guys . Humans, Night Elves , Dwarves and Goblins make it up.

Horde are the terrible guys who always want to kick the butts of the goody goody guys. They consist of the Orcs, Taureans, Trolls and Undead.

What you select decides on what you really want to play as. For myself, I chose the Night Elf race. I think elves are cool and look cool , especially with glowing eyes, and LOTR did leave a lasting impression on me.

Next chose your sex. No special bonuses - they just look that way.

Next chose your class. I am a hunter - but you have a large list to chose from. Be aware that some classes only are available to a few races. For instance, for you to be a Shaman, you have to play the side of the Horde, and Paladins are available to the Alliance only.

That's it . Chose your name and login. You will start off in one of the many starting locations based on your race.

Since you will miss out many of the details about the game without pics, I will update this blog with a variety of pics from my travels as time goes by. At present I have reached level 40 and am looking for making money to get a mount. But I have screenshots from other levels and will post them.

To whet your appetite and mine, here is an screenshot of what the game (and you) will look like at the higher levels.

Links you may find interesting :
BTW, I think I am the only person from India playing there. If you know of someone else who plays, please get them to contact me.


  1. Vibhu ,

    Nice article , good to know about it all . I will try to join you ..lets get some indian community build up ;)

  2. Umesh, please let me know when you are joining and I will tell you the server you need to join. Otherwise it will be difficult to join forces as characters in different servers cannot play with each other as yet.