Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I got a pet !

A hunters best buddy is his pet.

At level 10, I went and talked to the hunter trainer, who decided to let me know the secret of taming the wild beasts. But first I had to prove it to him that I am really really ready for the training which really initiated my move into the world of deadly hunters, and I told him to test me. So, he had me go and tame a few animals of different types, which I did so admirably.

As the last quest finished and I faced my mentor again, he had a different glint in my eye. Like he had misjudged me. "The taming of beasts was in my blood" he said. "Go forth, and tame whatever pet you like - he will be your constant companion. Take care of him and he will take care of you".

The choices opened up for me. I could tame any animal I liked !

Unfortunately, only one can be by your side. Fortunately most inns have a stable master who can stable upto 2 of your other pets.

My Pet Owl

I had various pets : an owl ( Hooter), a tiger (Bagheera), a wolf ( Shera ) , but now I have 2 pets who have shown exemplary loyalty - a bear ( Bhaloo) and Spots (a leopard).

With Bhaloo

Exploring the wilderness with Spots

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