Friday, November 07, 2008

Does WoW 3.0 patch have Northrend or not ?

Over at the wow india googlegroup, we are stressed out trying to figure out whether the 3.0.x patches have northrend or not. 

My take - it does. 

Here's my reasoning. 

- new port at Stormwind and other places. Hordies going gaga about new zepplins also... humf .. i believe i can fly .. 
- new profession - inscriptions - which was supposed to be a WoTLK profession.
- A new 'Northrend' map with each zone there. 
- a 1.2 GB 3.0 download, followed by a 300MB 3.0.1 'sorry about the messup' patch and another 3.0.2 patch. A 1.2 GB download has the northrend continent in it I quite believe

The naysayers say that no dude, the CD box of WoTLK will have the content . I say 'pffft'. The only benifit people with the box will get is the key to unlock their account to play Northrend about a few weeks before other people who will do a digital download. It happened with BC and now it will happen with WoTLK. 

What do you say ? 

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