Sunday, November 16, 2008

Installing WOTLK

Yipee ! I got the CD Key for WoTLK. The gaming industry usually neglects Indian market - probably because there is thriving piracy and also most indians do not play a wide variety of games. I know people who have not played anything other than Age of Empires or Quake. Sad.

So, obvoiusly, I did not have much hope for getting the WoTLK expansion until Blizzard allowed digital upgrades. But then I thought about a cousin of mine who plays on Andorhal, and pinged him. He willingly got the CD for me too, and sent across the key. Its great to have elder brothers :)

Added the key and then tried to upgrade the client from . This downloads a 1.1MB installer and you can download it from there.

Initial tries last night resulted in errors. Frustrated I gave up. One of the drawbacks about upgrading the key is that you can no longer play WoW in BC until your client has been upgraded. That left me in the lurch.

Error : Failed to read information from the Internet. Please close all applications and try again.

Then today morning I tried again - and viola ! It started to download.

WoTLK Installer. Notice the arrows on the installer. From that you can read the story of the lich king, about how Arathas became the Lich king.

Now, keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for the install to finish...

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