Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Duel

Just a normal day for running errands and getting some gold. Or so thought NeverHere as he went into Auchindon. Having given the bones he had gathered to Ramdor, he started back when he was suddenly surrounded by a few of the horde. A BloodElf priest, a Blood Elf paladin, and a Taurean warrior. Supposedly here to enter the dungeon, but while they waited for their other members to come, they thought that a Dranei Shaman was easy picking.

The priest was unusually arrogant even for her name, and challenged the shaman.

The shaman looked her over, he did not want to duel. He just wanted to go on with his quests. But there was a snigger in her which stopped him. So, he accepted ... and lost the duel. This got him mad. He had not used his totems properly.

So he challenged the Blood Elf.

The bloodelf laughed and took the bait.

This time the totems were doing their masters bidding. The tremor totem broke the fear scream used by the Blood Elf. That was it. The shaman had the upper hand, and before the elf knew it, she was down and had lost the duel.

Neverhere laughed.

The blood elf wanted another duel to avenge the fall of grace in front of her friends. The friends started to buff her up.

Never had enough. Those turncoats would use everything to win - there was no honor in that. He left, back to his questing and getting the experience needed which would allow him passage to northrend.

Damn. That achievement felt good !

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