Friday, November 07, 2008

Exalted !

The damn Ogres don't drop enough beads ! :(

And in the process of levelling up my Consortium rep ... I hit exalted with Karunei ! Which meant I was going to get the long legged mounts ! After the tigers of the Night Elves, this was the mount I liked really a lot in terms of looks.

So, a hop to the vendor gave me the Reins of the Silver War Talbuk ! I suddenly felt a lot taller.

A short time later ( like after collecting another 100 beads ), I hit revered with the Consortium, and was finally able to get the plans for an ingredient of the Flying Machine. A 100gs poorer ( after getting money for the mats), and I was flying over shattarth in my spanking new flying machine ! :)

2 mounts in an evening - nice !

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