Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Into Northrend !

Phew ! Finally got the client upgraded to WoTLK ! :D :D :D . Once the download finished in the wee hours of the morning, it again applies the latest patches (3.0.x) .. and off you are. 

The starting points are 2. The Borean Tundras , and the Howling Fjord. Brahmos was impatient to be away, so he took the portal from Shattrath to Stormwind, and Onwards ho! to the newly commissioned Stormwind docks. 

At the Stormwind docks .. waiting with fellow adventurers.

Outside Valliance Keep. Notice the attakers from the sky beyond. 

Attackers in the Mist. One of the many environmental effects added with WoTLK

A huge Mamoth. The scope of everything is huge - be it the locales ( already 4 fps in BT), or the lifeforms

You get to ride a Mamoth ... 

... a death knight's charger ... 
... dragons ... 
... And help the dragons rescue hostages high above the ground ...

Soon after touching 71, Brahmos wanted to rest, and as they say the empty mind is a devil's workshop ... which gave birth to a lvl 55 Death Knight, under the tutelage of the Lich King. 

The Lich King instructs the new apprentice.

I am still not sure which race would be good for the DK. I am on a PvE server, so I can roll either a horde or an alliance DK.  Here, AtomicKnight is a BE DK.

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